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This Insanely Accurate Instagram Account Can Read Every Girl's Mind

"It's all fun and games till your jeans don't fit anymore."

Move over, @Miserable_Men and @brosbeingbasic -- there's a new Instagram taking over newsfeeds everywhere.

The @daddyissues_ Insta is pure gold, and I don't say that lightly. It's the perfect combination of brutally honest and gut-splitting hilarious. It's the kind of account that has you tagging all your friends in the comments, because the posts are just that accurate and universally relatable.

If you're not following it, you're missing out. To prove it to you, here's a round-up of Daddyissues' best (and most SFW) posts.

  • First off, this Insta teaches you a lot about relationships.
  • It's chock full of universal life truths.
  • It knows the meaning of true friendship.
  • According to Daddyissues, it's not stalking. It's investigating.
  • Daddyissues understands that food will always be there for you.
  • It empathizes with your goals for 2015.

For more daily words of wisdom -- and for stuff that's just a tad more risqué -- follow Daddyissues on Instagram and Twitter. They're also on Snapchat under the username daddyissuess.

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