WireImage/ Jason Squires

Black Keys Drummer Patrick Carney Bodysurfed His Way Into The ER

Ouch! That looks painful.

Drummers basically have two jobs: hit those drums and do their best not to injure their hands or shoulders. Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney is great at one of those things. The rangy rocker ended up in the emergency room on Saturday during a vacation on the island of Saint-Barthélemy when a big wave crushed him to the ocean floor, resulting in a dislocated shoulder, according to TMZ.

Once doctors reset the joint, though, Carney found a way to turn the accident into a good time, though.

He posted the cover art for his upcoming fake original Lifetime movie, "Dislocated Shoulder," shortly after the docs patched him up.

The duo are slated to play at the MusicCares Person of the Year tribute to Bob Dylan on February 6, but at press time, it was unknown if the injury would impact that gig.