Taylor Swift's End Of Year Video Has Us In Tears


Taylor Swift officially made us break down. As the year comes to a close, the pop singer released a video reviewing the gifts she's given in the past year -- you know, in addition to 1989, which was officially the best-selling record of 2014.

Throughout the video, we follow the story of Taylor as she picks the fans who will recieve the gits, shops for presents, wraps 'em up and delivers 'em. That's right, Tay doesn't have elves that do everything for her; she's a true Christmas do-it-yourselfer.

The cats even help out.

"They're supposed to be home because they think there's going to be a package dropped off by UPS, but UPS is me," Taylor said slyly.

Could you love Taylor any more than you already loved her?

I mean, she goes over to a fan's house to play with her kid!

Get me the tissues.

Have an adorable 2015, everyone.