Rita Ora And Ellie Goulding Can't Wait To Midnight To Make Out

Time to swap spit to celebrate the New Year. For some reason.

Looks like all of the famous people just cannot wait until midnight New Year's Eve to start smacking their lips into the lips of others (which is something that we cannot blame them for since kissing is one of the seven wonders of the world if done right). Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding already puckered up for Goulding's birthday Tuesday, and one 5 Seconds of Summer member is already readying the Chapstick.

First, take a look at Ora and Goulding's kiss -- and try not to read the comments because everyone should strive to be happy on New Year's Eve (at least until the ill-advised texting kicks in around 11:59).

Now, check out this adorable tweet from Calum Hood, who reveals who he wants to lock lips with come midnight. Pretty sure the first three are do-able. As for for Usher, well, we do hear he's a "Good Kisser."