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Watch Kevin Hart and Josh Gad Hilariously Parody 'The Karate Kid'

Someone please go talk to Josh Gad about his butt.

Looks like wax on, wax off is just the beginning of of training a karate kid... Or at least training a karate adult, as Kevin Hart and Josh Gad do in this hilarious parody of "The Karate Kid." The "Wedding Ringer" stars showcase their firm grasp of the ancient fighting arts in this extended clip, and it ends with the butt joke Ralph Macchio never dared to tell.

That's not their only display of choreography: In a parody of the 1996 classic "Jerry Maguire," Hart wants Gad to show him the money — or else the snowman gets it. Okay, so maybe the stakes aren't so high in this video, but clearly, Hart can't let it go. (Sorry, we had to.)

And in case you thought Gad and Hart would stop at two parodies... They wouldn't! The duo proved nobody puts baby in a coma with this clip skewering "Dirty Dancing."

Hart and Gad star in the upcoming flick "The Wedding Ringer," which hits theaters on January 16. In it, Gad plays a hapless groom-to-be who doesn't have a best bro, so he employs Hart, a professional Best Man, for his services. Oh, and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting stars as Gad's super hot fiancée. How'd a guy like Gad get a gal like Cuoco-Sweeting? His dance skills, natch.

Just someone please tell Hart to check out his own butt before the 16th, okay?