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These 15 Hip-Hop Predictions For 2015 Are Basically Facts That Haven't Happened Yet

Weezy platinum in a week? Yup!

The year is just about over, and while many are still reflecting over the wildness of 2014, the MTV News hip-hop team is already looking forward.

Before we pop the Belaire Rosé, we looked into the future and came up with 15 hip-hop predictions for 2015. Well, actually, with our deep knowledge and expertise, these are a little more than predictions -- these are just like 15 facts that haven't happened yet. Trust us.

  1. Lil Wayne drops Tha Carter V and sells one million copies his first week.

    Tha Carter III did a million in a week and Tha Carter IV sold 964,000 in it's first week of sale; so why not? Oh yeah, and it will be on Cash Money Records, of course.

  2. Kanye West and Drake will rap together on one of 2015's biggest songs.

    It's been a minute since we heard these two on a track together and with both MCs scheduled to drop solo albums in 2015, a grand collaboration isn't too far-fetched.

  3. TMZ spots Drake and Nicki Minaj out on a dinner date.
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    Now that Nicki is single, we're expecting Drake to try his hand at courting his longtime crush.

  4. That Black Hippy album will finally drop.
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    Kendrick Lamar will drop his album in early 2015, Jay Rock will release his solo album next and then by the end of the year, we're guessing that we'll get a surprise Black Hippy album.

  5. French Montana and Khloe Kardashian get their own spin-off show.
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    French and Khloe will take their relafriendship to the next level when they sign-up for their own E! television show, "Khloe and French: Haaaaaaaaan."

  6. "Straight Outta Compton" will hit #1 at the box office.

    Hip-hop will prove that it could rule Hollywood, too, when 2015's N.W.A biopic hits theaters.

  7. YG will learn to make beats and DJ Mustard will learn to rap.
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    After becoming frustrated with other producers, YG will learn to make beats himself. And when DJ Mustard finds that no one sounds as good as YG over his beats, he will spit a few bars himself. Eventually the two dead their beef, take their new-found skills and make an album even better than My Krazy Life.

  8. DJ Khaled puts Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Big Sean, Wale and Drake on one track.
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    DJ Khaled is king of the hip-hop collaborations, so we expect his next album I Changed...A Lot to have a ton of features.

  9. Rick Ross releases three albums, because he's Rick Ross.
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    In 2014 Rozay dropped two full-length LPs, in 2015 the "No Games" MC will up the ante and go for a hat trick.

  10. Young Thug finally releases his solo debut album.

    Thugger will finally drop his much-anticipated solo debut in 2015, but we're guessing it won't be titled Tha Carter VI.

  11. Dr. Dre drops a new album exclusively on iTunes.
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    After Apple ponied up over $3 billion for Beats By Dr. Dre, we're sure the good Doctor is open to any and all ideas that Apple brings to the table. A new Dr. Dre album exclusively on iTunes sounds about right.

  12. Snoop Dogg changes his rap name to his real name and releases a spoken word album.
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    If you loved Snoop Lion and got funky with Snoopzilla then you'll love Tha Doggfather's spoken word LP which he will release as Calvin Broadus -- real name, no gimmicks.

  13. Chris Brown and Karrueche break up and get back together and break up and get back together
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    Trust us on this one.

  14. Jaden Smith drops a song with his dad.
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    In honor of his pop, Jaden will drop a remake of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's 1988 classic "Parents Just Don't Understand." Will Smith will then release a rebuttal remix titled "No Jaden, Parents Do Understand, Now Get Your Ass To Bed."

  15. Jay Z ande Beyoncé will executive produce a television series titled "Relationship Goals."
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    The Carters will continue to capitalize off of their cute and executive produce a television show called "Relationship Goals" on MTV with respected hip-hop journalist Rob Markman. *Drops mic*

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