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Before You Forget About This Year, Listen Back To Everything That Happened With The '2014 Rap Up'

Skillz is at it again.

It's that time again.

For rap fans, no year has been complete for the last decade-plus without Skillz's annual "Rap Up" release. On the yearly series, he reflects on the past 12 months with sharp, humorous and thoughtful lyrics.

And this year is no different.

On the track, he touches on everything from pop culture moments -- like Kim and Kanye's wedding and Solange and Jay Z's elevator incident -- to harder news -- from the Ebola outbreak to #BlackLivesMatter. Sometimes, he mixes both, back-to-back.

"Rough year for Bieber, dealing with fame/ And they still ain't tell us what happened to both of them planes," he raps at one point on the BINK!-produced track.

And there's plenty more where that came from, too.

Until next year.