People Are Afraid To Go To Europe Because They Think 'Taken' Is Real

Everyone's going to have to just spend their family vacations at Jurassic Park, instead.

Liam Neeson and his particular set of skills might make for a thrilling movie franchise, but they've also apparently besmirched Europe's reputation as a desirable destination for American tourists -- who don't want to travel overseas anymore, for fear that they'll be kidnapped and sold into sex slavery a la "Taken" as soon as they get there.

Via the Hollywood Reporter, Neeson told the Graham Norton Show that he was to blame for at least two botched field trips by American students to Europe, saying, "Just the other day I got a letter from a school teacher in Texas who had tried to take 60 students to Europe and the families of 40 of them got the kids out of it because they had seen Taken 2. And then this year she wanted to take 20 of them and the parents all said, 'No, because we've seen that movie!'"

Meanwhile, the "Taken"-fueled travel terror probably won't be dying down anytime soon: "Taken 3" and its cast of international dangermongers will be in theaters January 15, only this film is set stateside, which means that the list of places that strike fear into the hearts of Texas schoolchildren will have to include Los Angeles now, too. And that's before we even get to the part where Texas itself is the prime location for a Decepticon invasion! Good lord, is nowhere safe?!