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Justin Bieber's Dropping Major Hints At A 2015 Comeback

Is that new album coming sooner than we thought?

Justin Bieber spent much of 2014 on the defensive following a series of blows to his public image. But, have the various controversies -- his DUI arrest in Miami, the racist joke videos leaked by TMZ -- damaged his music career beyond repair? By the looks of Justin's recent tweets and Instagram posts, I think we're about to find out.

On Monday (Dec. 29), MTV's official Twitter handle begged reasonably wondered if Rihanna, Justin and Miley Cyrus would release new albums in 2015. JB responded to the tweet with a casual "no problem."

Wait, "no problem"? He basically just confirmed that the follow-up to 2012's Believe will drop some time next year, right?

Around the same time, the 20-year-old singer noticed a Business Insider article that his manager, Scooter Braun, had tweeted to him the day before. The piece is about seven brands that are poised to make a strong comeback in 2015, and "Justin Bieber," the only non-corporate/actually human entity on the list, is counted among them.

Justin's response: "let's go."

Speaking of Scooter, the Raymond-Braun Media Group mogul shared the following text to Instagram on Monday: "2013 was practice. 2014 was the warm up. 2015 is game time."

While it would be easy to write the post off as generic #inspo -- the phrase has been a popular end-of-year mantra for many Twitter users -- Braun tagged Bieber's Instagram account in the caption.

There's got to be a reason for that, right? Perhaps we'll find out soon enough.