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Believe It Or Not, This '90s Accessory Is Making A Comeback

The year 2015 might be *just* on the horizon, but as far as fashion is concerned, the '90s are definitely not dead. Over at ASOS, we stumbled upon a pack of cute little barrettes that bear striking resemblance to everyone's favorite accessories of decades past: butterfly clips.


So, maybe these little guys don't have plastic wings and are currently hiding under the guise of a new name ("mini hair claws"), but just look at how they're styled:


Remind you of anything????

Getty Images


Most of us cringe when we look at our butterfly-ed middle school photos, but after seeing logomania, tattoo chokers, and overalls (or the fancier-sounding "one-in-alls") all have a moment in 2014, anything seems possible, TBH.

Who knows? Maybe soon we'll see slap bracelets sold as "insta-bracelets," or Tamagotchis as "8-bit pets," or giant Zack Morris cellphones as "the brand new iPhone 6S."

'90S 4 LYF.