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While You Were Asleep, Lil Wayne And Migos Were At Work -- Together

New music on the way?

We haven't gotten a proper Lil Wayne and Migos collaboration -- but that may be about to change.

The Atlanta trio joined Weezy for one of his favorite weekly traditions -- LIV on Sundays.

It looks like the "Fight Night" rappers grabbed the mics and performed, while Tunechi just kind of did his own thing -- and he's Lil Wayne, so that's exactly what he should be doing.

But they didn't just party together. Early Tuesday morning (Dec. 30), Migos posted a flick of themselves and Wayne in the studio together -- either meaning they hung out for about 36 hours in a row, or they met back up the night after their LIV encounter.

Either way, we're ready to hear what kind of amped up creativity this session produced.