Olivia Palermo Reveals What The Cameras DIDN'T Show On 'The City'

Plus, find out if the newlywed is planning a reality show comeback!

During her "City" days in 2009, Olivia Palermo was like any twentysomething with an insatiable thirst to make it in the Big Apple's fashion world. What set the impeccably dressed socialite apart from the pack (including co-worker Whitney Port and frenemy Erin Kaplan): her willingness to put aside her friendships with colleagues -- W and E included -- to get ahead. Who could forget when a slightly villainous Liv took credit for a Diane von Furstenberg-designed "Elle" cover shot that she wasn't responsible for creating (poor Whit)? Tsk, tsk...

Now, the 28-year-old newlywed -- she said "I do" to Johannes Huebl in June -- is reflecting about her time on the former MTV series in "Flare" magazine. And she's talking about what viewers didn't see -- unlike her unpopular workplace actions.

"Once the cameras were gone and I could go home, I'd stay and sit in on global marketing meetings and really build my education,” the brunette beauty told the mag. "I asked if I could join out of curiosity and being young and wanting to learn."

As for Mrs. Huebl's thoughts about a reality TV comeback? Don't count on it...

"No, no, I wouldn't," she said. "[It was] a learning experience I got out of the way early." Maybe she'd be down for a "City" mini-reunion -- Whit and Roxy Olin know a thing or two about that.

For a nostalgic rewind, relive when Olivia boasted about the successful Jessica Alba "Elle" cover -- much to Whit's disappointment.