Taylor's New Best Friend Is Such A Baby

I mean, literally.

If you thought Taylor Swift's BFF Lorde was young, wait 'til you get a load of her new BEST pal: This baby, whose name is Miles.

Tay is already hangin' tough with her new bestie, popping bottles (of milk) and scoffing chocolate. The caption of this snap? "I decided today that when my friends' children come over, I'll feed them chocolate chips and let them jump on the furniture."

In case you were wondering, the baby in question belongs to Joy Williams of the Civil Wars, a.k.a. the official chauffeur of Taylor's new bosom buddy FOR LIFE. Williams also posted a shot of Taylor and the babe (what babe? the babe with the power!) chilling with Meredith. That cat is the SIZE OF YOUR FACE, kid!

So which Taylor BFF is your favorite? Lorde? Ed? This baby? The competition is toothy, people, even if the latter choice still has baby teeth.