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Watch Rihanna Try On (And Accidentally Rip?) Dresses In Zac Posen's Studio

Remember Rihanna's gorgeous Zac Posen gowns from her inaugural Diamond Ball earlier this month? Rih shone bright like a...well, you her rosy, form-fitting red carpet look, but it really was her performance outfit that quite literally stole the show.

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And now, thanks to Mr. Posen's Instagram, we have a handy timeline chronicling the blossoming love affair between Rihanna and that fabulous frock.

Posen began teasing the look [over] a month ago, and he pretty much hasn't stopped regaling us with its beauty since then. He posted another video a few days ago, revealing "the moment we knew this was the one!" Rihanna primps and pets the fabric, whispering, "It just is so good." Agreed.

From there, the Insta-timeline is a veritable love story between Rihanna and the navy gown (with some possible love triangle moments involving Zac himself). The grams also show different sides of the look that we didn't necessarily get to see during the Diamond Ball, like Rih resembling a "ballet princess" with her hair up in a sleek bun.

We also get to revel in the glory that is the dress' intricate back paneling—plus Rihanna's flowing locks and teensy waist.

Zac also shared a slo-mo clip of the fitting process, where we assume he said something lol given Rih's reaction. Alas, we may never know, but at least we get more shots of the "Batman meets Marie Antoinette" (Rih's perfect words, not mine) ensemble.

Continuing on her model streak, Rih casually provides inspiration for Zac's next campaign visuals. NBD.

Zac and Miss Fenty also conveniently have a lovely wedding photo for their mantel.

But as is true with all great love stories, couples have to overcome adversity to really last forever. You know, dueling families or fatal diseases or...potentially ripped seams. In a video showing the earliest stages of the dress-picking process, Rihanna sashays across the room like a giddy schoolgirl, but suddenly stops and asks, "Did I rip this dress? I totally did." But then she resumes her twirling, so we don't have to be stressed for tooooo long.

As you can see, the month-long tale is truly one for the history books. Thank goodness the Diamond Ball is going to become an annual event—who do you think Rihanna will fall for next year?