Which Show Was The Most Tweeted-About This Year?

Braaaaains. Uh. Tweeeeets.

It's Sunday night, do you know where your children are?

Of course you do! They're on the couch, glassy-eyed, transfixed by "The Walking Dead." Their snacks are in one hand, and their phones are in the other: #OMGCarl! #Pudding! #Zombies. They're tweeting up a gosh darn storm.

So it makes sense that AMC's zombie hit is the year's most tweeted-about show, according to stats released by Nielsen. The series generated an average 576,000 tweets for every episode, making it the most social television show of 2014 by a wide margin.

Here's the complete top 10 list of the most social shows, ranked by social reach. (Note: often, even with fewer tweets per episode, a show can have a wider social reach based on audience.)

1. "The Walking Dead," 576,000 tweets per episode

2. "The Bachelor," 215,000 tweets per episode

3. "Pretty Little Liars," 489,000 tweets per episode

4. "American Horror Story: Freak Show," 357,000 tweets per episode

5. "Game of Thrones," 159,000 tweets per episode

6. "Teen Wolf," 383,000 tweets per episode

7. "Scandal," 391,000 tweets per episode

8. "The Bachelorette," 104,000 tweets per episode

9. "The Voice," 236,000 tweets per episode

10. "Dancing With the Stars," 109,000 tweets per episode