This Is The Greatest New Year’s Eve Moment Ever Shown On Television


We already know that our New Year's Eve extravaganzas are unlikely to be anything close to what we've seen on TV and in movies, but that doesn't mean we can't dream. If we're being real, there's only one TV NYE we should all be aspiring to: the party sequence in the classic "The O.C." season one episode, "The Countdown."

Everything about it is perfect: the music cue, the slo-mo, the confetti, the way he almost loses Marissa but then doesn't. The kiss. The kiss. Oliver sulking in the background. Oliver not getting kissed.

Everyone else is doing great, too (Seth Cohen can get it, and we're always #TeamSandyAndKirsten), but whether you were for or against Ryan and Marissa's on-again-off-again relationship, there's no denying that their reunion, set to Finley Quay's "Dice" (and the silent sounds of the villainous Oliver's emotional turmoil, we imagine), is the best New Year's Eve scene ever.

I mean, have you ever?

We have not. Ever. (RIP Marissa.)