This Sassy Twitter Account Calls Out Brands For Saying 'Bae,' And It's So On Fleek

Or nah.

Oh good, so I wasn't the only one who noticed that Applebee's Twitter account was starting to sound like my Aunt Kathleen at Christmas dinner.

With this handy new Twitter account, created by Twitter comedian Stefan, you can see which brands are trying really hard to get hip with the millenial market. Yeah, I just said millenial, a word old people use to describe a whole generation that uses Twitter as second nature... not as a marketing tool.

It's called Brands Saying Bae, and it points out when companies use "young" words like "bae," "on fleek" and "thirsty" (words that were used way back in 2013, I might add).

It's OK, Ihop. Not everyone can be the Most Loved Brand on social media.