5SOS Change Their Band Name And Fans Are Going Ham

5 Seconds of Ham.

The stagnant time between Christmas and the New Year can be a dark time for all of us. 5 Seconds of Summer is right there with us. This morning, they got so bored that just up and changed their band name. Just like that. Like I said, people, dark times.

  • Meet 5 Seconds of Ham.
  • You can listen to their live EP. It's really tasty.
  • This is what they look like.
  • This is what they look like from another angle.
  • We got a peek at their set list this morning too.
  • Let us all pay tribute by slapping meat onto their biography.
  • And now, we sacrifice our bacon.
  • Even James from the Janoskians is into it.
  • I blame Ashton for this juicy, salty mess.
  • Want to change your name? I'll tell you what's next.
  • 5 Seconds of Cheese. You guys need to stop. I'm getting really hungry.
  • All hail 5SOH.
  • Hammers unite.