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Justin Bieber Sued For Nightclub Brawl

A man is suing Bieber and the club for an undisclosed amount.

Even though Justin Bieber reportedly didn't throw a punch, a man is suing the singer for a nightclub brawl in 2013 that left him with cuts and bruises.

As TMZ reports, 22-year-old Wayne Rennalls was injured at South Pointe nightclub by Bieber's crew. While the man says Justin didn't directly hurt him, he is still financially responsible for his employees. He is suing Bieber and the Southampton, N.Y., club for an undisclosed amount and blames the club for slipping alcohol to the underage singer, who was 19 then.

Although the "Heartbreaker" singer has been keeping it cool lately -- only pulling stunts like skateboarding for fans in NYC -- Justin is no stranger to lawsuits and legalities. He faced a possible felony charge after he threw eggs at his neighbors house, and took a plea deal in August for his Miami drag race expedition.