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Fifth Harmony Talk New Year's Resolutions & Kisses In Adorable New Video: Watch Now

What are 5H's goals for 2015?

Some people set the bar pretty high when it comes to their New Year's resolutions, promising themselves that they'll run a whole bunch of marathons and, like, achieve cold fusion and junk. Dinah Jane Hansen of Fifth Harmony is a little more realistic. She just wants to be on time.

In a new video for AwesomenessTV, Dinah and the rest of the "Sledgehammer" singers talk about why they love New Year's Eve, swap New Year's kiss stories and discuss their resolutions for the coming year.

Speaking of those New Year's kisses, Camila says that, because she's currently single, she'd be totally down to smooch a stranger when the clock strikes 12. Lauren agrees, but Normani is firmly anti. Ally has shared a New Year's kiss in the past, but that's all she'll say on the matter.

And Dinah...didn't hear anything they said because she had her headphones on throughout most of the video.

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