Will The Explosive Violetta Last Through This 'Real World' Season?

As she pointed out, we've only seen the tip of her 'bitchberg.'

If "Real World"'s resident firecracker Violetta is right, and we've only seen the tip of her "bitchberg," then there are some rough waters ahead in Chicago.

On tonight's episode, the bartender who's admitted to a past as a big, bad bully, found herself in her housemates' cross hairs. Jason, who poked fun at V for drunkenly swapping spit with a stranger, grew irritated when she became defensive. As far as Jason was concerned, Violetta was someone who could dish it but couldn't take it, and when she continued to resist what he considered innocent fun, he grew combative and screamed at her from across the loft's second-story balcony.

A few nights later, after returning from the bar, Tony grew equally irritated with V, and when what he thought was some harmless prodding erupted into verbal warfare, he called the show's producers to formally request that Violetta be evicted from the house. Violetta's fellow female housemates seemed to remain in her corner, but from the guys' perspective, she was nothing more than a liability, and her flare-ups were more than they were willing to tolerate.

Upon a morning-after (and sober) heart-to-heart, Jason and Tony came around on V and resolved that if she happened to be a more sensitive soul, they'd try to ease up on her. "There are some people that you can't tease," Tony considered. "You might strike that nerve and all hell breaks loose, but that wasn't my intention."

And though V maintained her behavior was justified, she ultimately apologized for the severity of her actions and managed to get some aggression out at a good ol' fashioned Windy City mud-wrestling session. Still, now that we've seen she's able to turn into The Hulk, will she last through the whole season? Could Tony's attempts to oust her be just the beginning? Sound off in the comments below!