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Say It Ain't So: YG And DJ Mustard Are Beefing


YG and DJ Mustard ruled rap in 2014. But as the year comes to a close, the longtime collaborators are exchanging shots and airing out some issues with one another on social media.

Things appear to have started on Monday (Dec. 29), when Mustard posted a (since-deleted) text image claiming that he didn't get paid for his work on the Compton rapper's March debut, My Krazy Life -- for which he produced a bulk of the beats.

The "Left, Right" rapper fired back. "Wait what? @djmustard F--K YOU N---A," he wrote in a caption to an Instagram photo of Mustard's words. "F--K EVERYBODY THATT AINT GOT PAID FOR MY ALBUM and DJ MUSTARD I KNOW WHERE YO STUDIO AT N---A. & ........ THATS ME SAYIN 'MUSTARD ON THE BEAT H--'. YOU AINT NEVER PAID ME FOR THATT OR YO ALBUM N---A."

In turn, the producer took a screenshot of YG's post and comment, and captioned it by saying he was on his way to see him. "Say no mo I ain't for no sucka sh-- and this internet sh-- weak we can get down this won't be the first time ...... I'm finna pull up we can squabble up !!! See yo in 30 killa ....."

YG then posted a photo showing that he attempted to call Mustard a few times. "P1ru answer the phone fat boy @djmustard , talkin thatt talk on the Gram," he wrote.

Hopefully these two can work things out and nothing turns violent. They're together responsible for one of the best hip-hop albums of the year, as well as the genre's current prevailing sound and hits with other artists.

And, on top of that (and more importantly), it always seemed like they were friends.

Earlier this year, in happier times, the two stopped by MTV News to break down a few tracks from MKL. Check it out below.