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Justin Bieber Looks Pretty Dang Good In A Sweater Dress

Especially while skateboarding.

If you scrolled through any online retailers' offerings this fall, or, you know, went into a brick-and-mortar clothing store, you would have seen at least a few sweater dresses. From Michael Kors to Brunello Cucinelli to Stella McCartney to H&M, many designers created their own take on the wintery classic this season. Obviously, Justin Bieber aka "I am fashion" was listening because over the weekend, the Biebs put his own spin (heh) on the trend.

Bieber was seen skateboarding in a gray sweater dress. I know what you're thinking: why would anyone wear a dress to skateboard? Well, Bieber did have pants on underneath—black leather ones to be exact—but he definitely overestimated the flexibility of a dress (and maybe his own skateboarding skills?) because he quickly wiped out. At least he was styled to the max while falling?

Bieber's dress isn't all that strange within the hip-hop world, though, which over the past year has increasingly embraced androgynous fashion. Aside from Kanye West and his deep cleavage, there was Young Thug in a peplum leopard dress, Future in a cascading cardigan that looked like it came from his mom's closet, and Jay Z in a women's Rodarte jersey.

If Justin Bieber wants to wear a dress, he totally should... just maybe not while doing skate tricks.