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Did This TV News Reporter Outdo Daniel Radcliffe's Rapping Skills?

Another rendition of "Alphabet Aerobics."

Rappers and television news reporters actually have a few similarities, like the fact that they both hold mics when doing their jobs and also -- OK, maybe that's about where it ends. But at least one newscaster shares an affinity for lyrical exercises.

"Kimalicious" proves just that.

You may recognize the rhymes from when Daniel Radcliffe also rapped them on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" not too long ago, or possibly, from their original home on Blackalicious' 1999 track "Alphabet Aerobics."

"Usually whenever I start rapping in front of the camera -- or anywhere -- I get interrupted," Kim Powell, of KWES in Texas, told Mediabistro, explaining how the Christmas Day stunt came to be. "[My photographer] was nice enough to let me finish the song!"

Could she have a second career on the way? Take a look below.