Wait, This Indie Dude's Smelly Shoes Cost HOW Much?

Mac DeMarco's old shoes are apparently worth a lot.

I once bought a pair of beat-up Vans at a thrift store. I think they cost $5. Indie dude star Mac DeMarco is currently selling his beat-up Vans. They cost more than $10,000. Wait, what?

Yup, DeMarco, whose record Salad Days has appeared on myriad "Best Of 2014" lists, is currently auctioning off a pair of his old, holey sneakers on eBay -- and the bidding is currently up to $10,101. The "Sexy Sneakers" bear his autograph and have appeared on stage -- presumably on his feet -- everywhere from Israel to France to Seattle to Germany to New York.

"Will anyone buy an old stinky pair of shoes? I don't know. Lets wait and see," the singer wrote on eBay. "If you're one of those kids who tried to take them off my feet while I was crowd surfing at some point this year, nice try jackass. But hey, here's another opportunity for you to have them."

Apparently, they don't smell that bad -- at least according to a "smell test" video DeMarco also shared.

Lest you're worried that the musician -- who has previously pal'd around with the likes of Tyler, The Creator -- aims to spend all that green on Ramen and beer and whatever else indie dudes buy, DeMarco plans to give 100% of the proceeds to Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.

Whoever ends up with said sneakers, we suggest dancing to the following when you finally get the chance to mold them to your toesies: