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Christmas Day Twitter Beef Over Kobe Bryant Now Has A Diss Song And A Kobe Reaction

Things got real AF.

While you were opening gifts or possibly having a Christmas feast on December 25, two Twitter users were duking it out 140 characters at a time after an online dispute about NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

@MyTweetsRealAF challenged @SnottieDrippen to a real life fisticuffs and took a half-hour drive out to Temecula, California for a proposed sqaure-off after a debate centered around Kobe's greatness spun wildly out of control. When Mr. RealAF finally made it to Temecula, he learned that his Mr. Drippen had no intention of ever showing up.


It was a strange and entertaining story which got coverage on plenty of sports sites like Deadspin, then spawned numerous debates about Twitter tiffs and IRL violence.

Well, it doesn't look like things are slowing down. Apparently, RealAF is a budding rapper and now he has a diss song. "Meet Me In Temecula (F--k The Internet/Snottie Dis)," is a scathing three-minute spar over Lil Wayne's "Believe Me" instrumental.

In fact, the incident has garnered so much attention that Kobe Bryant himself has weighed in and spoke to ESPN writer Arash Markazi about the beef.