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Taylor Swift's Winter Break Is Just Like Yours (Just Kidding, She's Famous)

But, you know, the basics are there.

It's the holiday season, which means by now you're likely pretty entrenched in your Winter Break. Your PJs have fused to your skin. Your eyes have seen more movies than Netflix can hold. Your gut is bursting with the spoils of the season. Well, Taylor Swift is right there with you... kind of.

After a whirlwind year -- what with the top album in the country and whatever -- Swift seems to have kicked back this Christmas in a way pretty similar to the Average Joe and Josie. Except, you know, not at all.

Check the myriad ways in which Tay's holiday break is just like yours -- but not really.

  1. She Catches Up On This Year's Hit Movies

    Ahh, Winter Break! The perfect time to catch up on all those flicks you missed this year. Looks like Taylor finally got around to checking out YA hit-turned-action-movie "The Maze Runner." You might have done so as well, but author James Dashner will probably retweet Tay or something, while your missive about your massively fluctuating emotions will likely just cop, like, one Favorite. From your mom. Get off the Twitter, Mom!

  2. She Exchanges Gifts With Her Family

    Christmas came and went and you likely now have a stack of gifts a mile high piled on your bedroom floor. Socks for everyone! Well, Taylor also scored some presents from her 'rents -- namely the above custom cat cases and some lint rollers her dad got her to clean up all the glitter she leaves everywhere. Wait... lint rollers? Yup, only Taylor would nab the most practical of gifts for the least practical of reasons.

  3. She Travels

    Taylor got to hold her cat on the plane. Jealousy consumes like the licking flames of hell.

  4. She Sees Friends

    Christmas is a time for friends and family! Your friends might be besties, but Taylor's are movie stars and teen titans like Tavi Gevinson so, well, uh...

  5. She Reflects On This Year's Accomplishments

    You aced the SATs and got a hot date to prom? Taylor ruled the effing world.

  6. She Gives Thanks For Her Pals

    I don't care how many selfies you took this holiday season cheek-to-cheek with your pals, nothing beats Taylor's birthday snap. Nothing.

  7. She Watches YouTube Videos

    ... about herself. And... scene.