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Is Vin Diesel Teasing A Role In Marvel's 'Inhumans'? Again?

I am not just Groot.

Never tell Vin Diesel a secret. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star was pretty famously un-silent about his role in the space set blockbuster, teasing that he would be playing the one-lined Groot for months before the role was officially confirmed. And now, he's teasing a second role in Marvel's "Inhumans," the company's Phase 3 closer that also hopes to rejuvenate the Cinematic Universe after "Avengers: Infinity War."

Or is he?

On August 9, Diesel first teased the "Inhumans" role, saying on his popular social media fan page that, "I get the strange feeling Marvel thinks I'm Inhuman... Haha."

Yesterday (December 28), Diesel kept the speculation going by using Marvel's current comic book catchphrase for the weird heroes, "Are You Inhuman," along with a picture of himself as his Facebook cover photo.

Vin Diesel/Facebook

So could Diesel be taking dual roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It's entirely possible as the star did only utter one line, "I am Groot," (okay, spoiler, two lines) in "Guardians." And fans have pegged Diesel for another role in "Inhumans" -- Black Bolt, the leader of the genetically altered superhumans who can't speak because even his softest syllable can level a mountain.

That said, Diesel then re-updated his cover photo, six hours later, to this:

Vin Diesel/Facebook

So is he teasing his involvement in a "Turner & Hooch" reboot??? Or maybe, just maybe... Diesel likes teasing his fans.