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2004 Vs. 2014: See What Your Favorite Celebs Were Wearing 10 Years Ago

So. Many. Miniskirts.

Since 2014 is donezo in just two days, we need to talk about all the biggest fashion moments from this year. We already noticed a huge resurgence in '90s trends, but what about the lewks from just 10 years ago? What were people wearing in 2004 compared to now, and is it (already!) making a comeback? Take a peek and decide for yourself!

  • Animals As Accessories
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    Britney Spears | Taylor Swift

  • Dip-Dyed Hair
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    Nicole Richie | Kylie Jenner

  • Dadcore
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    Kanye West | Dev Hynes

  • Golden Gowns
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    Beyonce | Rihanna

  • Oversized Cargo Shorts
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    Ashlee Simpson | Taylor Momsen

  • Super Long Trench Coats
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  • Lil Kim | Kim Kardashian
  • Statement Hats
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  • Christina Aguilera | Pharrell
  • Crop Tops And Jeans
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    Lindsay Lohan | Demi Lovato