Game, Tyga And DJ Mustard Helped Lead The #MillionsMarchLA Protest

The march was in support of #BlackLivesMatter and #ICantBreathe campaigns.

Game was a key figure in organizing the #MillionsMarchLA protest in Los Angeles, California Saturday (December 27).

The march was done in support of the lives that have been taken at the hands of law enforcement, including Eric Garner.

"Today we took the positive approach," Game said in an Instagram caption. "One day at a time. #MillionsMarchLA."

Game posted several photographs and videos of the event, including one in which people are united in saying "I can't breathe," a chant referencing Eric Garner's death.

Tyga and DJ Mustard were also on hand for the march.

"Today we all stood up for justice," Mustard said in an IG caption.

Tyga also posted a video that features the crowd chanting "We do this for Mike Brown."

Game, Tyga and DJ Mustard were on hand for the march while others, including Snoop Dogg, promoted it online. These hip-hop figures haven't been the only ones who've been vocal about #BlackLivesMatter.

And this isn't the first time Game, a recent winner of a humanitarian of the year award, has been involved in this conversation. You may recall, he also spearheaded the "Don't Shoot" collaboration, which you can hear below.