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North Korea Issues Racially Charged Statement Against President Obama After The Release Of 'The Interview'

A new statement from the North Korean government also blames the US for internet outages.

Following major internet outages throughout the country, North Korea has lashed out at the United States government in a new statement that uses racially charged language against President Obama.

The statement comes after a hacking group calling themselves the "Guardians of Peace" launched a huge cyberattack against Sony Pictures, leaking tons of emails and other data. The anonymous group threatened that a terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11 would be carried out if Sony Pictures released its new movie "The Interview," starring James Franco and Seth Rogen. The film depicts an attempt to assassinate North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un.

The FBI claims they've linked the hacking activity to North Korea, but North Korean officials deny any participation in the attacks. The new statement from North Korea's National Defense Commission does condemn the film, however, describing it as a "dishonest and reactionary movie hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK [North Korea] and agitating terrorism."

"The Interview" was pulled from most theaters, but was made available to stream online on December 25. Select theaters have been screening the movie as well.

Meanwhile, internet outages have afflicted North Korea, though it's not clear who's responsible for them. North Korea's new statement blames the US for the downed services, but the US government has declined to comment on the issue.

The statement also personally blames Obama for the distribution of "The Interview." It adds: "Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest."

That loaded insult comes while racial tensions run high in the US; protests against racial profiling and police brutality are still going on all around the country.