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Does Drake Really Cry All The Time? Watch His Mom's Priceless Explanation

Watch Sandi break it down.

Some people believe that Drake cries a lot. Well, Drake doesn't really understand this perception, so he asked his mom for her opinion. "We're talking about why people think I cry," he says in an Instagram caption.

Drake's mom's reply is priceless.

"It’s not that you cry at all," she says. "I’ve never seen you cry on stage or even when the two of us are just together."

So, why does that perception exist?

"They don’t think you cry," she added. "They would imagine that you would be a person that may cry because you are a sensitive soul." So of course Drake captions that second video "Sensitive Soul."

Okay, so we don't really know if Drake cries often or not, but what we do know is that he ran hip-hop in 2014 without releasing an album. Now, that's something to smile or shed tears of joy about.