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Idris Elba's Witty, Cutting Response To The Haters Proves He's The Real 007

Handsome AND hilariously witty? Someone just give this dude the Bond suit already.

In case you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, you’ve surely heard about the Sony hack and the messy wake of debris left in its path.

Among the most fascinating discoveries unearthed by the scandal was a six-word decree made by Sony co-chair Amy Pascal in a leaked email: “Idris should be the next Bond.”

Most of us responded accordingly with “UM, HELL YEAH” — after all, we’d already started the Idris Elba-for-Bond campaign a few months back when he said he would “absolutely” play the role if it was offered to him.

But some naysaying buzzkillers — ahem, ahem, Rush Limbaugh — voiced concerns that Elba doesn’t fit the traditional Bond mold because he’s black. As the conservative radio host said, Bond is supposed to be “white and Scottish.”

To which most of us were like...


Naturally, Elba’s been hounded with queries about the whole debacle, and today he finally responded… in the most perfect way possible.

Sooooo basically we’re done here, right?