Watch Ariana Grande And The Weeknd Turn Down For An Acoustic Version Of 'Love Me Harder'

The stripped-down take on the single lets their voices shine.

Update: video has been taken down by the powers that be. :(

Great songs hold up even when they're stripped down to the core, and Ariana Grande's hit duet with the Weeknd, "Love Me Harder," is no exception.

The singer recently filmed a live acoustic set with Abel Tesfaye and a guitarist, performing "Love Me Harder" with nothing but a few strums from an acoustic guitar to accompany the two singers. The original single might be slickly produced, but the acoustic take really lets the pair's voices ring.

Wearing her signature cat-eared headband, Grande perched on top of an amp for the performance, singing to Tesfaye from across the studio. Watch the two singers knock it out of the park with their acoustic set below.