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Craving Taylor Swift Christmas Music? Well, It Exists!

If you've never heard The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection, you're missing out.

Are you obsessed with both Taylor Swift and Christmas music? Trust me, you're not the only one. And just because Christmas was yesterday doesn't mean you have to turn off the seasonal tunes yet. We have at least until New Years Eve! In the meantime, were you aware that there's a trove of Swiftie holiday songs you can listen to right now?? Sometimes with the perpetual onslaught of new music, we forget that there's plenty of hidden gems lurking in the past.

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Back in 2007 Tay Tay put together a special six-song Christmas album that was released exclusively through Target. This was back before she was a record-breaking superstar, and only had her self-titled debut Taylor Swift under her belt. Dubbed The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection, the EP includes several classic Christmas carols, as well as a few very Taylor twists. Let's dive in, shall we? Here's Taylor's six Christmas songs:

  1. "Last Christmas"

    This seems like the most Taylor Swift-y Christmas song of them all, doesn't it? "Once bitten and twice shy" could almost be a lyric from a Taylor song. She sticks pretty close to George Michael's original arrangement and melody, but since this was still Nashville era Taylor there's a country guitar lick mixed in with all the festive scenery and heartache.

  2. "Christmases When You Were Mine"

    This is a Taylor original, and duh, it's about missing an ex on the most couple and family-oriented holiday of the year. As always, it's the little details—her mom worrying in the kitchen, hating even the sight of mistletoe and feeling okay until the weather turns cold—that make this song hit you where it hurts.

  3. "Santa Baby"

    It's always nice when Taylor gets her flirt on, and it's no different when she covers the flirtiest Christmas song of all! Once again, Nashville seeps into the classic via guitar strums and a bit of twang in Taylor's voice—but it all works together seamlessly. Listen for her signature chuckle right around the 2:00 minute mark.

  4. "Silent Night"

    This time, she leans into the religious angle of Christmas, covering the classic "Silent Night" but with a completely new melody. Plus watching 2010 era Taylor perform in a classic sparkly dress is always a treat.

  5. "Christmas Must Be Something More"

    In another Taylor original, she ponders the reason for the season. Again, it's a more religious and spiritual tone than we've heard from Taylor as she shouts out the "birthday boy who saved our lives." But it's still typical Swift—casual language made poignant by its simplicity.

  6. "White Christmas"

    Last but not least, Taylor gets dreamy for her cover of "White Christmas." Staying in the same vein as the rest of her songs, there's banjo and fiddle sprinkled throughout this version. It's so tasteful though, it's almost enough to make you miss country Taylor. Almost.

Now all I can say is, can I get a full Christmas album next year? Thanks in advance Tay Tay.