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'The Interview' And Sony May Be Facing A Brand New Problem

A singer from South Korea is planning to sue for the unauthorized use of her song.

Just when it looked like things were settling, there could be some more trouble on the way for "The Interview" and Sony Pictures Entertainment: A singer from South Korea is suing Sony for using one of her song's in the movie without permission.

The film, with its plot about characters played by James Franco and Seth Rogen out to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has grabbed headlines non-stop for the past few weeks: It was at the center of the recent Sony hack, reportedly engineered by a displeased North Korea; it was pulled from theaters; and that decision was criticized by President Obama.

It seemed like maybe all the controversy surrounding the movie was set to be a thing of the past, when it opened on Christmas day (as scheduled) in select theaters and online distributors. But now they may be headed to court over the use of a song by K-pop singer Yoon Mi-rae.

"We came to know that 'Pay Day,' a track from Yoon's third studio album (2007), was used for the film 'The Interview,' only after it was released," her management agency, Feelgood Music, said, according to Yonhap News Agency.

"We initially received an offer to insert the song, but discussions were on hiatus on some points. Sony Pictures Entertainment used the music without due procedure or contract."

Sony has yet to comment on reports of the suit, but that's understandable given how many other concerns they're juggling at this time.