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Hopsin Checks In For The First Time Since Announcing His Retirement, And He's Got Surprising News

The Funk Volume rapper has a message for his fans.

Hopsin shocked fans last week when he announced, in a lengthy and seemingly heartfelt post on Instagram and Facebook, that he was retiring from rap and moving to Australia.

"Over the past couple years I have come to conclusion that this profession just isn’t for me, so im going to venture out into new areas of life," he wrote.

Well, early Christmas morning, Thursday, Dec. 25, Hop gave those very same fans whose hearts he broke a Christmas gift: It was all a joke.

"GOT YA," he shouts in a video that opens with a promise that he was "about to explain the real truth" behind his decision.

Turns out it was just a gag to help promote his new album, due out sometime next year.

"Get ready for that Pound Syndrome," he says, as the screen goes black.