Here's How You Can Watch 'The Interview' Starting Right Now

"The Interview" is now available online! You can rent it for $5.99 and purchase at $14.99 on YouTube Movies, Google Play, Microsoft's Xbox Video and

Sony's decision to release "The Interview" at all, let alone online, is a huge shift from where things stood as recently as Tuesday morning, when the movie was still canceled. Now, the movie will play in the following select theaters across the country on Christmas day, the film's original release date:

Alamo Drafthouse, Austin (4 locations), San Antonio (2 locations), Houston, Yonkers, NY, Kansas City, Littleton, CO, Ashburn, VA, Kalamazoo, MI, Richardson, TX, Katy, TX, Lubbock, TX, New Braunfels, TX

Art Theater Co-Op, Champaign, IL

Cable Car Cinema, Providence, RI

Caribbean Cinemas, Puerto Rico

Chalmette Movies, Chalmette, LA

City Base Cinema, San Antonio

Eastpoint Movies 10, Baltimore

Franklin Theatre, Franklin, TN

Harkins Theatres, Phoenix

Hollywood Blvd Cinema, Woodridge IL

Jasper 8 Theatres, Jasper, IN

Laemmle Theatre, North Hollywood

Look Cinemas, Dallas

Lost Cinema, Tucson, AZ

Merrill’s Roxy, Burlington, VT

Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI

MX Movies, St. Louis

Nickelodeon Theatre, Columbia, SC

Penn Cinemas Riverfront, Wilmington, DE

Plaza Atlanta, Atlanta

Riverdale 10, Little Rock, AR

Southside Works Cinema, Pittsburgh

Terrace Theater, Charleston, SC

Tower City Cinemas, Cleveland

Tygart Valley Cinemas, Fairmont, WV