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Police Shooting Of An Allegedly Armed Teen Sparks Protest Near Ferguson

18-year-old Antonio Martin had pointed a gun at police, according to news reports.

*This story was updated on Dec. 24 at 5:55pm ET*

A police officer shot and killed a teenager at a gas station in Berkeley, Missouri on Tuesday night, and the incident has sparked protests in the St. Louis suburb, which borders the city of Ferguson, where Michael Brown was killed by a police officer in August.

The deceased has been identified by his family as Antonio Martin, an 18-year-old African-American male. According to an initial report on, a Berkeley police officer encountered two males during a routine check at a gas station, when one of the males allegedly pointed a gun at the officer.

An updated report says that the officer, a 34-year-old, six-year police veteran, was responding to theft when he pulled into the gas station late Tuesday night. He left his vehicle to talk to the two men, one of which drew a gun and pointed it at the officer.

The officer then, fired multiple times, fatally wounding Martin, while the second male fled the scene. Martin reportedly did not fire his weapon. Grainy surveillance footage of the incident has since surfaced on the Internet, though many questions still remain.

Protestors assembled at the scene and some demonstrators clashed with police.

The deceased's mother, Toni Martin, told local news outlet KMOV that her son had gone to see his girlfriend who lived near the gas station.

Martin's girlfriend was the one who notified her of the shooting. Martin's father, Jerome Green, also told reporters that his son was going to meet his girlfriend.

"He was supposed to come home," Green said. "We're getting ready for holiday; everyone wanted to see him. My grandmother hadn't seen him for a while."

The incident comes as demonstrators across the country continue to gather to protest the decisions not to indict the Ferguson officer who killed Michael Brown and the New York police officer who put Eric Garner in a chokehold.

On Saturday, two New York police officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were murdered after a gunman posted a threatening message for police on Instagram, using Garner and Brown's name as a type of justification. Both Garner and Brown's families have denounced the murders.