This Video Of Niall Horan Dancing In His Underwear Is Our New Happy Place

Watch the standout moment from 'One Direction: The TV Special.'

"One Direction: The TV Special" was a real roller coaster ride. And I'm not just talking about the part that was literally shot on a roller coaster. I mean, like, emotionally.

We learned so much about the lads during the program, which aired Tuesday (Dec. 23) on NBC and included live performances of "Steal My Girl," "What Makes You Beautiful," "Girl Almighty," "Night Changes" and "Best Song Ever." Like how Harry Styles' first word was "cat" and how Louis Tomlinson doesn't know how many months there are in 3.5 years.

But most enlightening of all, we learned that Niall Horan has a penchant for dancing around in his underwear while harmonizing with the band. Check out the video evidence below, and live like you've never lived before.