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Rihanna's Crystal-Studded Christmas Tree Is Really Intense: See The Pics

Like really, really intense.

Rihanna shared photos of what appears to be her personal Christmas tree on Instagram, and it looks really intense.

Like, "barely suppresses a cackle as you trip in the middle of the lunchroom" intense. Like, "won't break eye contact with you until you leave the lunchroom in shame" intense. Like, "leaves a note in your locker that says 'I know what you did in the lunchroom'" intense.

I never thought I'd feel intimidated by a Christmas tree, but, well... Here we are.

Instagram (@badgalriri)

Ms. Fenty's adorable "Robyn" stocking does nothing to alleviate my fear.

Upon closer inspection, the tree tRih looks to be made of a black fabric studded with crystals. (Getting flashbacks to Rihanna's 230k Swarovski crystal dress at the CFDA Awards.)

The "Diamonds" singer referred to the combo as "black ice" in an IG caption. I'd go with "new star of holiday nightmares," but that's just me.

I'll do anything you say, tRih. Anything you say.

Instagram (@badgalriri)