David Wolff-Patrick/Getty Images

Wait, Why Is Sam Smith Wearing A Ring?

What a jokester.

Is 2014's saddest bachelor engaged? Nope, but he pranked his Instagram followers with a photo that would suggest as much.

On Tuesday (December 23), Sam Smith took to the 'gram to post the below pre-holiday pic -- however, before we could get too excited about Smith tying the knot with his new boyfriend, we read the caption: "SURPRISE (joking)."

I mean, the dour expression is a giveaway all on its own -- but Smith did once say “People need to realize I’m never going to be happy," so who knows what his I-just-got-engaged face would look like, anyway.

Smith isn't totally devoid of romance this holiday season, however. He did post the below photo of men's lingerie -- and assert that he doesn't "hate it." [Insert joke about decking the halls with balls of something here.]