17 Times Daniel Radcliffe Proved He's Definitely Not A Boy Wizard In 2014

Yer not a wizard anymore, Daniel.

Remember this guy?

He's dead now.

In 2014, Daniel Radcliffe -- best known for playing boy wizard wonder Harry Potter in all eight of that franchise's movies -- proved once and for all that he isn't brandishing a wand and defeating Dark Lords anymore. Ol' DanRad grew up, moved on and even grew a set of horns this year.

Here are the 17 ways Daniel Radcliffe proved that he's not a boy wizard in 2014.

  1. Yes, it was an accident, but a great way to show you're not a little child wizard anymore is to eat poison.

  2. When he had fans swooning, wand-free.

    It doesn't take a pair of round glasses and stunning magical ability for Radcliffe to get fans to freak out over him. The response's to the star's surprise appearances at screenings of "What If" this year prove that Radcliffe doesn't need to be Harry to be cool.

  3. When he took himself out of the doghouse.
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    This whole thing, for the movie "Trainwreck," was all Radcliffe's idea, for the record.

  4. When he reviewed his own work -- negatively.

    "My acting is very one-note," he said of his work in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." Agree to disagree, but it takes a man to share an honest, if unpopular, opinion.

  5. When he showed that a good haircut can also be magical.

    This poor guy could really, really use a hair regrowth potion after the terrible haircut DanRad gave him. If he was a wizard, he'd probably have more magical hairdressing skills.

  6. When he danced it up at the Oscars.

    Well-known fact: Harry Potter hates dancing. Therefore, we know that Daniel Radcliffe is not Harry Potter. Because he's loving this.

  7. When he called out sexist jerks for objectifying Emma Watson.

    It takes a real pair of Bludgers to stand up for what's right, but Radcliffe did it when he called out reporters for sexualizing "Potter" co-star Emma Watson.

  8. When he was sketchy about whether he'd ever sent a dirty picture via text.

    No sex at Hogwarts! No sex at Hogwarts!

  9. When he dressed up as Spider-Man at Comic-Con.

    Radcliffe's masked surprise was one of the most delightful secrets of this year's San Diego Comic-Con. He walks among the fans! He's sneaky! He's...Spider-Man! The "Potter" years are definitely over.

  10. When he was a big-time Broadway actor.

    Yes, Radcliffe has graced the stage before, but his performance in "The Cripple of Inishman" on Broadway this year was something else.

  11. When he legit grew horns.

    For "Horns," of course. Suspected murderer? Weird truth-detector appendages? No more Mr. Nice Potter to you.

  12. When he killed his darlings.

    Every last one of them. Admit it: the jump from boy wizard to Allen Ginsberg is a big one.

  13. When he tried to make a super-sexy Kickstarter happen.

    Where can we donate? Oh, it's fake? Where can we donate?

  14. When he shared his musical gifts with the world.

    Think Transfiguration is impressive? Just wait until you hear Daniel Radcliffe spit Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics." That's impressive.

  15. When he opened up about his personal problems.

    Sometimes, when we run a costume shop, the only thing we're trying to disguise is our own fear and insecurity. We're here for you, Dan.

  16. When he embraced his other magical side.
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    Nothing says "I'm confident in who I am and not bothered by the fact that you think I'm a wizard" like taking on yet another role involving magic, as he did with "Now You See Me: The Second Act." Still won't wear the glasses, but still.

  17. When he came out as a time traveler.

    Like, not officially, but can Harry Potter pose as someone's grandma? No, no he can't.