Johnny Nunez / Getty Images

Christmas Came Early: Migos Get A Three Wise Men Makeover


At this point, what storied group have Migos not been compared to?

We know well about the Beatles comparisons that fans have been making (especially since we asked the guys in October). But now, as the holidays approach, there's a new parallel: the Three Wise Men.

The comparison comes in the form of a story on Grantland, "Three Wise Migos: A Very Special Holiday Tale for Our Times."

It's a fun, creative narrative about the Atlanta trio's search for a king, as they travel far and wide to seek out Kendrick, Jay Z, Kanye and Drake -- only to find out, of course, that they're the kings.

Oh, and the art, which the guys tweeted out and you can see above, is can't-miss. Anyone looking for a poster to get for Christmas may have just found what they're looking for.