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Is Jay Z Stealing Clothes From Harry Styles' Closet Or Nah?

*does double-take*

I'm not sure how tight the security is at whichever One Direction hideaway Harry Styles camps out in when he stays in New York City, but it seems like someone was easily able to sneak in and sift through his massive collection of black skinny jeans and tight t-shirts to escape with the essence of his IDGAF aesthetic. Who is this closet cat burglar that I speak of? Jay Z, obviously.

Err, I mean, maybe? Possibly.

If I were to think of two celebs who frequently dress alike, Jay Z and Harry Styles would be dead last on my list, and yet, here we are. Let's review the facts:

On December 20, Harry stepped out in NYC in a cozy shearling coat, Calvin Klein crewneck, his trademark black skinnies and a pair of tan boots, looking very cool as usual. Just a few days later on December 22, Jay Z was spotted walking around in a similar outfit, only one that reflected his own individual style (Hov in super-duper skinny jeans? Um, no. Not gonna happen).

I think the obvious conclusion, other than the fact that both of them look fly AF, is that Jay Z might have a shrine to Harry in his basement (LOL JK Queen Bey would never allow that), OR that they're just two very fashionable dudes who happened to throw on similar coats because it was pretty cold that week.

Either works for me, TBH.