Will Taylor And Harry Get Back Together In 2015? Will Selena Move On? We Asked An Astrologer

Gaze into the future with Licorice Root.

New Year's Eve is rapidly approaching, which means two things: 1). Resolutions, 2). Kissing. Or, possibly, 3). Resolving to kiss better people after the ball drops.

As 2015 prepares to tap in for old, tired, worn-out '14, we asked our resident astrologer Licorice Root to take a look into the stars and tell us what some of our favorite single-ish celebrities can look forward to in the new year -- when it comes to locking lips, we mean.

Take particular note of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' interlocking scopes. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" indeed, Tay...

Selena Gomez

How She'll Woo You: As a Cancer, Selena is already linked to one of the more nurturing signs of the zodiac, but her line-up of love goddess Venus nestled closely to the wound-healer Chiron -- both located in Leo -- shows that she’s super intuitive when it comes to healing someone’s heartache, and with that Leo influence, she knows how lift people up without making them feel babied.

Pet Peeve: With Saturn in Aquarius, she’ll steer clear of those who are overly attached to cliques and scenes. You gotta be able to play with everyone.

Why 2015 Will Rule: Gomez is coming up on her Jupiter return! Fall of 2015 will prove expansive, with Gomez gaining a new level of self-awareness. Her circle of friends is going to grow, and surely, she’ll meet plenty of peeps who will catch her eye. That being said, I think this year is going to be all about having fun, and, again, meeting new people -- not so much about settling down.

What She Should Keep In Mind: A Jupiter return has tons of upsides; however, excess and living it up a bit too much can be an issue during this time.

Taylor Swift

How She'll Woo You: The girl’s a poet! With the planet of communication, Mercury, cozied up to the planet of the dreamer, Neptune, in her birth chart, we see someone who is charming and witty.

Pet Peeve: Swift has a sensitive and loving Cancer Moon, so she’s likely very protective of her momma, her childhood and her upbringing. Anyone who shows disrespect to her family or who makes fun of her childhood photos will be shown the door.

Why 2015 Will Rules: 2014 wasn’t bad for Swift, but I have a feeling that for much of the year, while Saturn was sitting on her Mars, she felt a bit restricted or tied down, unable to take the actions she truly desired to take -- especially in the love arena. Whatever’s been holding her back from going after her heart’s desire will be out of her way.

What She Should Keep In Mind: A romance may be rekindled this year, likely in February, when the first Mercury retrograde of the year contacts her Venus in Aquarius. But, remember Swift, if it’s didn’t work out once, there was a reason. Address that reason!

Harry Styles

How He'll Woo You: By being your best friend! With an abundance of planets in Aquarius, Styles knows that a great relationship can only be based on a true and real friendship. Styles also knows chivalry is not dead -- his Moon in Libra knows how to make anyone feel special.

Pet Peeve: Harry’s Jupiter in Scorpio clashes with his Aquarian Sun and Venus -- this tells us that he’s super-passionate about his causes. Do you mope around feeling like there’s not much the world can offer you? Styles can’t stand for that. There’s always a way to be involved and help society, and those who can’t see past their own melodramas get under Styles’ skin.

Why 2015 Will Rule: Styles will find a new pack of friends in the second half of 2015 thanks to Jupiter. However, the first part of the year will inspire him to reach out to peeps from the past, perhaps even reconnecting with an old flame, due to the first Mercury retrograde of the year mingling among his stellium in Aquarius.

What He Should Keep In Mind: Styles will continue to be on of the most popular men in show business is 2015, and anyone he dates will have that star dust rub off on them. He may have a hard time keeping his private life private, and this may be an obstacle he needs to contend with before he can consider a serious, long-term relationship.

Katy Perry

How She'll Woo You: Perry’s Scorpio Sun is sitting right next to Pluto, so, unfortunately, her seduction style is way too NSFW for us to get into! Pluto rules the mysterious and the deep. To have the Sun mixed with this energy shows someone who is intense and passionate.

Pet Peeve: Scatterbrains. Perry’s chart shows someone who is focused and determined, someone who has a plan. Are you disorganized or flimsy with your commitments? Perry won’t be pleased.

Why 2015 Will Rules: Hooray! Saturn is finally going to stop bullying Perry’s planets in the Scorpio, giving her time to relax. It’s been an uptight and strict two or so years for her, so I think we will probably hear some wild tales of Perry letting loose this year. And, after all that fun, I do see a big commitment on the way, likely toward the end of 2015.

What She Should Keep In Mind: While Scorpios are known for being mysterious, Perry is pretty straightforward compared to the stereotypical scorpion; however, the people she’s drawn to are usually pretty private. This year, Perry should keep in mind that she shouldn't reveal more about herself than her partners have.


How She'll Woo You: There are so many sides to Rihanna, one doesn’t know where to start. Her Gemini ascendant and Mercury in Aquarius introduce you to a woman who is cool, detached and logical. However, get to know her a little better, and you’ll see she’s a Piscean dreamer -- and a fearless one at that -- with her Moon and Venus sitting together in the sign of the warrior, Aries.

Pet Peeve: Rihanna’s Mars in Sagittarius doesn’t care much for homebodies or people whose #1 priority isn’t exploring the world. If your passport doesn’t have any cool stamps in it, you better get on it.

Why 2015 Will Rule: Commitment is on the horizon for Rihanna, and I expect we’ll be hearing news about that around December 2015 when Saturn comes to her Sagittarius descendant. Settling down and focusing on family is also a huge priority, with Jupiter approaching the sector of home in her chart later this year.

What She Should Keep In Mind: Early 2015 will challenge Rihanna to see if the structures she’s put up in her life will hold. Prior to settling down into a serious romantic commitment, making sure she has all her ducks in a row work-wise would be in her best interest.