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JWOWW Will Take On The Silver Screen In Upcoming Film 'The Mint'

Now that she's got a producer title under her belt, Jenni Farley's giving acting another go.

Having spent TEN seasons in front of MTV cameras (plus: Let's not forget that soap opera side-gig...), JWOWW is no stranger to the world of television, but the new mom might be looking to the silver screen as her next great frontier.

Jenni Farley, who served as Executive Producer of this summer's "Jersey Shore Massacre," is slated to star in the upcoming film "The Mint," according to the South Jersey Times, and -- no surprise -- she's ready to take the bull by the horns.

JWOWW told the news site she'll play Vicki, the on-and-off girlfriend of a record company's heir who's tired of dealing with her relationship's gray area.

"I'm basically by his side through everything," Meilani's mama said. "They're on and off, he's being a jerk. I'm still there for him and his company, but I'm fed up. The fed up ex-slash-girlfriend, which I play well."

Still, during a recent shoot at a gym in Westville, New Jersey, JWOWW admitted the craft of acting still gets her nervous, and that the butterflies in her stomach take flight each time the cameras start rolling.

"I'm petrified of acting," Farley said. "I get nervous. I don't remember lines with 'cut' and 'action' and stuff, that's easy for [the actors]. With me, it's the opposite. I'm like 'What do you mean, cut?'" We're sure you're doing just fine, Jenni.

JWOWW said "The Mint" will be released in 2015...will you check it out? Sound off on her upcoming project, and be sure to catch a new episode of "Snooki & JWOWW" on Wednesday, January 7 at 10/9c!