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Iggy Azalea Got Nick Young A Pretty Swaggy Christmas Present

Swaggy gift for Swaggy P.

As discussions continue with regard to Azealia Banks' recent comments about Iggy Azalea and cultural appropriation, and Q-Tip's lengthy extension on Twitter about the history of hip-hop, the "Fancy" rapper made clear she wouldn't let the back-and-forth get to her.

"I'm on my christmas break enjoying it with people i actually KNOW.... in REAL life. you should do the same," she tweeted Monday night.

One of those people, presumably, is boyfriend Nick Young. And after the gift Iggy got him for Christmas, he's probably enjoying it, too.

"My boo so dope!!!!! @thenewclassic thanks for the Christmas gift #LoveYou You Go Girl!!!! WestSide," the Los Angeles Lakers guard wrote on Monday, along with a picture of a brand new 1962 Chevy Impala -- with a red bow on the hood for good measure.

Swaggy P posted another pic, where he said he was, "Feeling like Westside connection lol."

Not a bad feeling, I'm guessing.

It's not exactly Christmas break for Nick, though, as he and the Lakers take on the Golden State Warriors tonight, the Chicago Bulls on Christmas Day, and the Dallas Mavericks on Friday. At least we know he'll be riding to the home games in style.