Who Is Calvin Harris Playing In 'Entourage'? We Have Four Guesses

The new trailer drops today.

In just a few short hours (at 11 a.m., PT), the world will lay their eyes upon the first teaser trailer for "Entourage," the movie based on the HBO TV series about making movies.


It's all very meta, as things usually are with the Vincent Chase Crew, and things are no different today in the lead up to the trailer's release. That's because DJ Calvin Harris has just teased a major, mysterious role in the "Entourage" movie — or, more specifically, the movie within the "Entourage" movie.

What is "Hyde," and how does Harris factor into it? We have a few guesses about his role:

  1. He's Jekyll

    Because based on that scarring on Mr. Chase's face, he certainly looks like our Mr. Hyde.

  2. He Works For Hyde

    Jekyll & Hyde, that is. He's the house DJ. Gets paid in popcorn shrimp. Loves it.

  3. He's The New Aquaman

    And Chase plays himself, seeking super-powered vengeance against the up-and-comer who just stole his legendary part.

  4. He's Playing Whoever Johnny Drama Was Supposed To Play

    And Drama. Is. Pissed. Things don't always work out for the older Chase sibling, and we could totally see Harris sniping Johnny's spot in his little bro's comeback movie.

"Entourage," as well as Vincent Chase's "Hyde," hits theaters on June 5, 2015.