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Just Because Louis Tomlinson Turns 23 Today, Doesn't Mean The World Is Ending


We all know that Louis Tomlinson is supposed to stay a boy forever. But let us simply come to terms with the fact that the One Direction member is turning 23 today (Dec. 24).

The age of 23 means Louis isn't a boy anymore, which ruins the whole "boy band" phrase. What, do we have to call 1D a "man band" now? Should we just change everything that we've known and loved? Why don't we just revert back to caveman times and start eating bugs while we're at it, too?

  1. Louis, for one, seems terrified about it.
  2. As the eldest 1D mate, Louis leads the way for the other guys. So does this mean Niall will turn 23 too? And Harry? And Zayn? And Liam? Not OK.
  3. Now, I know what some of you are thinking -- "Calm down, Emilee. Birthdays happen." To which I show you this:
  4. I mean, just look at this guy. He's so playful!
  5. Now that I think about it, he has come a long way. #proud
  6. So don't panic!
  7. Louis will still have the personality we adore. It doesn't leave with age.
  8. Don't cry.
  9. Do not go into denial.
  10. Instead, focus on all the Larry tweets that might occur today. And the impending end of the world.